Patrick Mackeown: The Expendability Doctrine

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5 star book review "Highly recommended" - Midwest Book Review

An oil conspiracy thriller with global dimensions. Intelligent, readable, and guaranteed to get the grey matter going. In the midst of an international oil crisis, Keith Connors, a British industrialist, is murdered. In accordance with procedures the police investigate his family and acquaintances. The professional nature of Keith's killing is never in doubt. However, when the victim's wife absconds, a pattern of sinister events unfolds. The Expendability Doctrine races on a roller-coaster thrill ride across the globe - from the East Coast of Britain, to the horrors of deaths in Libyan gaols - in an extraordinary mixture of super suspense and authentic information on a subject of global concern.

184 pages. Published: 27 October 2006.
ISBN 978-0-9554328-0-4 (Paperback).
ISBN 978-0-9554328-2-8 (Mobipocket eBook).
ISBN 978-0-9554328-1-1 (Adobe Reader eBook).

The Expendability Doctrine, a highly recommended thriller.